Addressing the Water Shortage in India

Water Conservation is an integral part of Indian identity and cultural history. In India, water conservation in the form of rainwater harvesting is an ancient tradition which has become more relevant in the present-day scenario. The availability of water resources on earth is limited and unevenly distributed. The issue of water conservation is not just about “saving” water—it is about having enough clean water at any given time and place to meet our needs.

The conservation of our water resources depends on our wise use of these resources.

In 2018, our team addressed the students of the school about the depleting levels of water in our country. Our President explained the consequences of wasting water and shared tips to save water.

Our team members- Ankit Mishra and Dina Panchal conducted various activities to understand the grave situation better. Among them, a poster competition was held among the students and the winners received prizes for the same.