Bringing Aid to Post-pandemic Flood-hit Bihar, in collaboration with Sarv Shoshit Samaj Sangh

The Human Touch Foundation, in collaboration with Sarv Shoshit Samaj Sangh, is striving to bring relief to the post-pandemic flood-hit Bihar. We plan on doing so by fulfilling the security, health, educational, employment, and financial needs of the people of Bihar.

  • A team of 400 volunteers, including 25-50 doctors and 75 nurses, will be deployed in the state to provide medical aid to individuals affected by the Coronavirus.

  • Ready-to-eat food and dry rations would be provided to the people in need trapped in the flood-hit areas. An effort would also be made to move these people to safer areas.

  • The women of Bihar, regardless of their marital status, would be given aid by means of education, employment, and financial help.

  • Organizing industrial employment seminars and lobbying to get industries to the state to improve the prospects of employment as a whole.

  • Sanitization of both the rural and urban areas and free distribution of masks and PPE kits to deter the increase in Coronavirus cases.