Celebrating Health & Wellness

Yoga is an ancient art form that brings the mind and body together. It also assists us in

meditating and relaxing. People from all around the world have been practising yoga to calm their thoughts. Furthermore, as a result of the popularity of yoga, India has become known

for yoga all over the world.

Our team celebrated International Yoga Day with our students at the Literacy Centre in Alpha 2, Greater Noida. The team members taught a couple of important asanas like Surya Namaskar, Anulom Vilom, and Trikonasana. They explained that practising a variety of asanas and postures develops our bodies and provides us with a sense of well-being and health. The children understood the benefits of practising yoga every day and other healthy habits that get developed by following Yoga consistently.

The program was organised successfully by Rajeshwari Mitra, Nandini Singh, Sahil Sharma, Arsh Mathur, Aman Shrivastava and Kriti Naren.