Drug Addiction Awareness Program

India is home to more than three crore drug addicts.

In Punjab the numbers are ridiculous—nearly 75% of its youth are severely addicted to drugs, that's 3 out of every 4.

Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other cities around the country are quickly gaining a reputation for their drug usage; and the population in each of these cities continues to grow.

In general, access to treatment services for drug or alcohol addicts are grossly scarce. Only one person in 38 alcohol addicts have reported getting any treatment and one in 180 addicts have reported getting inpatient treatment at a hospital.

Keeping these facts in mind, we organized a Drug Addiction Awareness camp in 2014 at the District Jail in the hopes of sensitizing the inmates about the devastating effects of drug intake.


We had invited doctors and psychiatrists to explain the effects of drugs on people's health and mind. Counsellors threw light upon how drugs increase the overpowering urge to keep taking them constantly and also how to stop this from escalating further.

As expected, many inmates had dozens of questions for doctors and counsellors.