Herbal Holi

Holi is one of the most lively and vibrant festivals in India. People across the country celebrate the festival with zeal and enthusiasm. While the water balloons, pichakri’s, colours, singing, dancing and getting drenched in the water are great fun, we need to keep in mind the thousands of litres of water that are wasted for just a few seconds of enjoyment.

While there is a massive shortage of water across the span of the country, few irresponsible people misuse water in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, to spread awareness about saving water and finding alternative ways to celebrate Holi with the same fun and fervour, we organised an Environment Awareness Program in 2015 at the school of Sakipur Village.

Our team explained the water wastage caused every year during Holi due to the use of chemical colours which make the water unusable for further use and ways to curb it.

One such way is to use Tesu Ke Phool (Flowers of Palash tree) to make a natural colourant that is not harmful to the environment as well as to the human skin. Instead of causing skin inflammation like the chemical colour dye, these flowers have medicinal properties.

Tesu flowers are soaked in warm water one day before of Holi. On the next day, the mixture is used to play Holi. Usually, the rose water, Chandan, Kesar and scents are added to the concoction. 


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