Ideas to Nurture Girl Child

We celebrated International Girl Child Day with the students of Sakipur Village School in 2015. The objectives behind celebrating this day are to provide support and opportunities to the girls of India and the world.

We know that in India, gender inequality is one of the significant issues that is needed to be focused on and it exists in several areas including legal rights, education, medical care, marriage, etc. Female foeticide is another major issue that further affects the demographic challenges in India.

Dr. Saksham Singh, the principal of the Army Institute of Education, gave a very motivating speech on the current situation of girl child in today's world, which is, unfortunately, similar across the globe. She emphasized on how girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes and communities every day – in textbooks, in the media, and among the adults who care for them. And how girls have more potential than they are perceived to have.


Members of the Social Welfare Department explained about government schemes for girls.

Through a series of activities and acts, they explained how girls can utilize these schemes for their benefit and work towards making their futures better.

The village Pradhan emphasized the importance of helpline numbers and told their applications in the state of emergencies. He provided them with a number of helpline numbers as well.