Nutrition Warriors

2 out of 3 deaths under the age of 5 are due to malnutrition. The situation is extremely severe because the effects of malnourishment are irreversible if they occur at a young age. If not death, it leads to permanent disabilities that render the child unwell for the rest of their life.

Malnutrition is also a social and economic problem, holding back development across the world with unacceptable human consequences. Malnutrition costs billions of rupees a year and inflicts high human capital costs—direct and indirect—on individuals, families, and nations.

The immediate causes of undernutrition reflect a negative synergy between inadequate food intake and repeated infectious diseases. Others include:

  • poor sanitation and high rates of open defecation that leads to various kinds of infestations,

  • infections and environmental enteropathy

  • poor coverage of health services

  • half-hearted implementation of nutritional programs and policies

  • no political commitment

  • economic, social determinants including economic growth and income distribution


To sensitize the residents of Sakipur village about Malnutrition, our NGO distributed nutrition supplements like porridge and pulses to young mothers. The students of Galgotia University also performed a Nukkad Natak on Malnutrition to support this endeavour.

The importance of breastfeeding for young children was stressed upon as inadequate, insufficient, inappropriate breastfeeding practices lay down the foundation of malnutrition. Breastfed children are protected from infections in a better way than those who are not breastfed. Early initiation of breastfeeding and the right timing of initiation of complementary feeding is also quite important.