Pursuing Social & Environmental Fairness

- Since 2006 -

Dr Upasana Singh - President, Human Touc

Our belief 

While our country steadfastly regrows to its pre-colonial economic and social stature, many Indians—unfairly so—remain underprivileged. Unfair societal barriers seriously limit our society's holistic growth by overlooking an individual's merit; merit that could've otherwise been used for the development of our country. At the Human Touch Foundation, we have identified three major barriers and relentlessly work towards resolving them. The three major barriers that we believe are prevalent in India are inequality of work opportunity due to unfair prejudice, sexual harassment of women in the workplace, and the discounting of environmental sustainability for short-term economic gain.

To promote equality of opportunity, and deter and punish instances of sexual harrassment, we have introduced our POSH Act initiative. The initiative, which has been a tremendous success, helps Indian firms create a healthier work environment by aiding them with the compliance of the POSH Law and providing them with unbiased third-party counseling, inquiries & conciliations. In addition to this, to promote environmental sustainability, our organization has planted more than 10,000 plants at various schools, offices, public places, and local jails.

As the president of the Human Touch Foundation, on behalf of our family, I pledge to pursue and promote the values that we stand for. 

Dr. Upasana Singh, President

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