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400+ changemakers at our 'Be a Changemaker' program!

11 May 2023

400+ changemakers at our 'Be a Changemaker' program!

This year, our 'Be a Changemaker' Program saw 400+ participants enthusiastically volunteering and carrying out awareness drives on the streets of Greater Noida. Four separate highly organized and informative processions — consisting of about 100 changemakers each — were witnessed by the residents of the city. This was made possible by our members, who — under our Youth Wing Chair, Kriti Naren — planned and executed everything. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank them. Thank you (In alphabetical order)

  • Aditi Sisodiya, Member

  • Anwesa Mondal, Member

  • Ayush Jaiswal, Member

  • Devanshu Verma, Member

  • Devyanshu Bhardwaj, Member

  • Madhurendra Kumar, Core Committee Member

  • Manglam Kumar, Member

  • Pranika Kumar, Member

  • Priyanka Kumari, Member

  • Rajeshwari Mitra, Core Committee Member

  • Riya Bindal, Member

  • Sahil Sharma, Member

  • Varsha Singh, Member

  • Vasudha Pande, Member

  • Yash Mainwall, Member

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