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'Be a Changemaker' Program Empowers Greater Noida

8 July 2024

'Be a Changemaker' Program Empowers Greater Noida

In a remarkable display of civic engagement, this year's 'Be a Changemaker' Program in Greater Noida attracted over 700 participants who fervently volunteered to lead various initiatives for our community's betterment.

Throughout the program, multiple groups of dedicated volunteers took to the streets, organizing processions and awareness drives on critical issues such as World Earth Day, Anti-Tobacco campaigns, Water Conservation, Election Awareness, and Global Warming. The streets of Greater Noida buzzed with activity as volunteers conducted surveys to gauge community needs and raise awareness on pressing societal issues.

Highlighting the program's commitment to environmental sustainability, numerous tree plantations were also carried out across different parts of the city, contributing to the greening efforts of the local community.

Beyond environmental initiatives, volunteers also extended their support to the youngest community members by engaging with children at the Literacy Centre. Activities included yoga sessions and storytelling sessions designed to impart moral values and foster a spirit of well-being among the children.

The 'Be a Changemaker' Program not only succeeded in mobilizing a large number of enthusiastic volunteers but also made significant strides in promoting community engagement and awareness of crucial societal issues. As Greater Noida continues to grow, initiatives like these underscore the power of collective action in creating a more vibrant and sustainable community.

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